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I have a large library of original Jazz Orchestra compositions available.

You can find the list by clicking the Catalogue tab. There are more general details about the charts on this page.
There are sound clips of some of these compositions; allowing you to “hear before you buy”. These are taken from the many BBC Radio recordings of my music as well as my TFJO CD; “Thad Jones and the Ellington Effect”.
You can also see examples of some of the scores.

About the Charts
All scores and parts are prepared using FinaleCODA music notation software and are available either as hard copies or as PDF downloads.

All charts are available with full score and parts. Scores are available in concert pitch or transposed pitch, please state which you require when ordering.

Price codes for the Jazz Orchestra charts are indicated in brackets:-

*[A] - £20.00 in hard copy, or £15.00 as PDF downloads
*[B] - £15.00 hard copy, or £10.00 as PDF downloads
*[C] - £25.00 hard copy, or £15.00 as PDF downloads

A 5% discount will be allowed if ordering 3 to 5 charts. 10% discount if ordering 6 or more charts. Other discounts available if ordering all parts of a Suite, see individual items in the catalogue. All prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP). Scores and parts will be delivered to your e-mail address as PDF files or via Royal Mail for hard copies, and for multiple PDF orders via Royal Mail on CDRom, following clearance of cheques or other payment method.

Unless otherwise stated, all charts are scored for the following instrumentation with possible doubles indicated in brackets:

Alto Sax. 1 (soprano sax., flute), Alto Sax. 2 (flute), Tenor Sax. 1 (clarinet), Tenor Sax. 2 (clarinet),
Baritone Sax. (bass clarinet).
Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Trumpet 3, Trumpet 4, Trumpet 5 (all doubling Flügelhorn).
Trombone 1, Trombone 2, Trombone 3, Bass Trombone 4.
Guitar, Piano, Double Bass, Drums.